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Lorna: *murmuring rock lyrics*
Maggie: *sigh*

Lorna: *hits loud chord* YEAH!

Maggie: *slam* Can you please do that somewhere else?!
Lorna: *shocked* I'm... sorry...

Maggie: No, I'm sorry, kiddo. These last minute wedding plans are stressing me out.

Lorna: *shrug* Tell 'em you quit.
Maggie: That would be childish.

Lorna: I am a child.
Maggie: True.

Lorna: Speaking of "childish," where's your boyfriend?
Maggie: Setting up stuff over...

Maggie: ...there.
Lorna: *happily* That sounded pretty bad!

Patrick's voice: Mag?
Maggie: Yeah?
Patrick's Voice: Help.

Maggie: *sigh* I'll be back.

Mamoru: Hello.
Lorna: 'Sup.

Maoru: Wasn't Maggie just here?

Mamoru: Gigi...

Mamoru: Gigi needed to talk to her.

Lorna: She's off making sure the moron didn't kill himself.

Gigi: PATTEE?! Hurt?!

Gigi: I gotta SAVE him!!

Mamoru: Ginny! That's the wrong...!

Mamoru: Baka! (Idiot!)
Lorna: Hai. (Yes.)

Mamoru: You don't know to whom I was referring...

Lorna: Hai, demo min'na ga baka desu. (Yes, but everyone is an idiot.)

Mamoru: *laugh* True. You must be Maggie's imouto (little sister).
Lorna: Guilty as charged.

Mamoru: Also know as the bane of Patrick's existence?
Lorna: *evil smile* Hajimemashite. (Nice to meet you.)

Mamoru: And she speaks Japanese, too. Kandoushita. (I'm impressed.)

Lorna: Arigatou! (Thank you!)

Lorna: I'd like to thank the anime-watching that made this moment possible...

Mamoru & Patrick: What happened to you?

Mamoru: Gigi decided to make me over Korean flower boy style. You?

Patrick: The ladder I was using suddenly fell apart beneath me! Almost like...

Patrick: ...someone loosened all the screws...

Maggie: Don't be paranoid, Pat.
Patrick: But...!!

Maggie: Were you looking for me, Mamoru?

Mamoru: Gigi was, but that can wait till later.

Mamoru: Let us know if there's any way we can help you get ready for tomorrow.
Maggie: Thank you. I definitely will.

Mamoru: Jaa ne, Baka-chan! (See ya, little idiot!)
Lorna: Jaa ne, Baka-sama! (See ya, almighty idiot!)

Maggie: Making friends?

Lorna: Yep. We know the same moron.
Maggie: *distracted* Mmhhmmm...

Patrick: *GLARE!*
Lorna: *smile*

*Note: Please forgive my bad Japanese. Corrections welcome.


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