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Bear Girl: *mutters* Call me cute, will ya?!

Bear Girl: I'll show you cute!!!

Patrick: So, what exactly's wrong with Ralph anyway?

Mattie & Riona: *glare*
Patrick: *quickly* I mean Moira...

Mattie: Mistress Moira has always been a delicate creature. Even now her feelings are a mystery to me.

Patrick: Uh... that information helps me how...?

Riona: You gotta communicate! Then, when she least expects it...

Riona: KISS HER!!

Patrick: What?! I can't see how that would help...

Patrick: Not to mention the challenges the size difference would present...

Mattie: You fool! That would help nothing!

Mattie: It would be much better to just discuss the subject with her...

Patrick: But she's avoiding me! She's all pissed off and I have no idea why! That's why I came to you guys!

Bear Girl: I'm sorry! I can't take any more of this! I knew you were an epic moron, but this is a new low!

Patrick: Says the midget in the bear suit.

Bear Girl: What if I said it was a political statement?

Patrick: I'd say you're full of crap!!



Bear Girl: *still glaring* I wore a bear suit on the plane ride to see if I'd get in trouble.
Patrick: *still glaring* Did you?

Bear Girl: *angry* Nope. Everyone just kept saying how cute I was! I would've changed, but all I had underneath was underwear...

Patrick: BAH HA HA HA! That's hilarious!

Bear Girl: I'll show you hilarious!!!
Patrick: OOF!

Maggie: Lorna?
Lorna: *super happy* Maggie!
Patrick: Uhhh... Lorna...?

Patrick: You could've let me know your bratty wench of a little sister was coming!

Maggie: *apologetic* She wasn't supposed to come til tomorrow.

Maggie: *stern* Now, Lorna, we've talked about this..
Patrick: Come on, Mag. Don't be too hard on her...

Maggie: But she knows not to dress like this in public!

Patrick: That's what you're mad about?! She was pulverizing me!
Maggie: Pat, she's a 13-year-old girl...

Patrick: *suddenly tough* Yeah, that's right! Didn't hurt a bit!

Patrick: OWW!

Patrick: You little...!
Maggie: Patrick...

Patrick: *mouthing* I'm gonna kill you!
Lorna: *sweet smile*

Maggie: Lorna's gonna be staying with us for a bit, so I'd appreciate it if you put a little more effort into not sinking to her maturity level. Okay?
Patrick: *grudingly* 'Kay.
Maggie: Thanks.

Maggie: Come on, kiddo. Let's find a place for you to sleep...

Lorna: *evil smile*

Patrick: GAH! What the crap! I've already got enough problems without psycho midget showing up!!

Patrick: How could it possibly get worse?!

Patrick: GAAHHHH!!!

Helga Bonus was kind of a fail, and Eller came back for Thanksgiving break, so...

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