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Maggie: Thank you all for coming to our first wedding planning meeting!
Syrina: Yes, thank you ever so much!

Maggie: Syrina's asked me to head up the planning committee, and today's meeting will mostly be assigning other jobs and brainstorming. So, first...

Gigi: FIRST, we gotta see the RING!!

*various admiring sounds*

Maggie: Alright! That's enough! Back to business!

Maggie: Now, who wants to be in charge of decorations?

Maggie: Pat? What the heck are you doing here?

Patrick: I didn't want to miss out on all the fun!
Gigi: NO WAY!! No BOYS allowed!!!
Abby: It's enough of a bother withou' you makin' a mess of it!
Rachel: He is sort of interrupting...

Syrina: He is going to ruin my wedding!!!

Gigi: Get OUT!

Syrina: Jerk!

Abby: Leave! Now!

Patrick: Whoa! Ladies! I just wanted to help...

Maggie: You can help us the most by leaving us the heck alone.

Patrick: Gah!

Patrick: OOF!

Patrick: Oh, thanks, Geth buddy!

Patrick: You won't believe what just...

Patrick: Uh... Geth... did you... change... something...?
????: What do you mean?

Patrick: Hmm...

Patrick: Lemme see...

Patrick: New shoes, right?

Patrick: No? I'm getting warmer?

Patrick: No? Huh...

Patrick: Got it! New pants?!
????: No.

Patrick: No? Not new?
????: No. Yours.
Patrick: Oh.

Patrick: Wait! Why are you wearing my pants?! Are you some kind of...?

Patrick: Hey! Where do you think...?

????: Listen well, you miserable little tick! I will not be bossed around or man-handled by such a pathetic moron! I'm no longer your little play thing! I'm my own man again!

Patrick: What?

????: SILENCE!

????: I have more important things to deal with.

????: Idiot.

Patrick: *stunned* What on earth was that? Geth's gone crazy? Well, crazier than usual. I should probably warn Syrina before she makes a huge...

Patrick: Ow!

Patrick: What the...?

Maggie: We told you to GO AWAY!
Patrick: But I did! I don't know what the h...!


Patrick: OOOWWWWW!!! You crazy girls!!!!

Abby: It's all your fault!
Gigi: We HATE you!!!
Syrina: *bawling* Why are you ruining everything?!

Patrick: But Syrina, there's something wrong with Geth! He...!

Rachel: Don't talk bad about Geth!!!
Patrick: Rachel?! Okay, something's messed! What's gotten into you guys?!

Maggie: Don't call us "guys"!!

Maggie: KILL HIM!!!


Patrick: Ahh!

????: Patrick?

Patrick: AAHHHH!!!

Patrick: ...
Geth: Are you alright? You were screaming...

Patrick: Crazy nightmare. Weddings make chicks go psycho! *shudder*

Geth: I suppose I agree, but...

Patrick: It was the hair!
Geth: Pardon?

Patrick: Your hair was dyed bright yellow!

Geth: Why would I dye it such a ghastly color? Also, Dorche hair does not take dye...

Patrick: Like I said, crazy dream!

Patrick: You hungry? I'm starved!

Patrick: Let's get something to eat, bro!

Mysterious One: *smile*

Nigel is away at college with Eller, so we have a substitute...

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