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Poohki: *happy barks*
Syrina: I completely agree, Poohki! What a lovely day for a walk! I am so sorry we have neglected you lately.
Poohki: *forgiving barks*

Syrina: Are you alright, Geth dearest?

Geth: What? Oh, yes. Fine.

Geth: I simply have a lot on my mind.
Syrina: Anything I can help with?

Geth: Well, yes, perhaps...

Geth: Syrina, dear?
Syrina: Yes?

Geth: I have been thinking, now that there is no curse to worry about, perhaps we could...

Patrick: Ralph!! Ralph, buddy!!!

Patrick: Oh, I'm not interrupting anything important, am I?
Geth: Well, actually...

Patrick: Oh, good!

Patrick: Have you two seen Ralph? Or Moira or whatever?

Patrick: I haven't seen her in a really long time and I'm worried.

Geth: I released her and the other gallduils from their servitude this morning.

Geth: They are probably well on their way back to Ainbith by now.
Patrick: Servitude?

Geth: Yes. They promised to serve me in exchange for the freeing of their clan from Dorche enslavement. I gave them the necessary spell and sent them on their way.

Patrick: Awww, that's too bad! I was hoping I could get to know her better, now that I know she's a shape-shifter and all.

Syrina: There is a good chance she has not left yet. I know she holds you in high regard, so I do not think she would leave without saying goodbye.

Patrick: Yeah? You think so? But where could she be?
Syrina: Perhaps in the corner I keep my Littlest Petshop animals?

Patrick: You think so? Awesome! Thanks!!

Patrick: RALPH!
Syrina: What a dear boy!
Geth: I suppose...

Geth: Now, Syrina dear, as I was saying earlier...
Gigi's Voice: PATTY!!

Gigi's Voice: Oh, PAAATTEEEE!!!
Geth: *heavy sigh*
Syrina: *smile* Perhaps we should go somewhere less prone to interruptions.

Geth: An excellent idea. Come, I know just the place.

Gigi: I don't see him ANYWHERE!!
Mamoru: Maybe you scared him off.

Mamoru: I saw Geth and Syrina leaving a second ago. Maybe we should try to catch them...

Gigi: Are you KIDDING?! Geth is like the SCARIEST possible person to be ME around!!!

Mamoru: And when are you going to start being you?
Gigi: When we find PATTY!!

Patrick: C'mon, Ralph! I mean Moira! I just wanna talk!

Moira: I have no time for you silly antics! I have a clan to free!

Patrick: I know! But you can't go yet!

Patrick: Not when we were just becoming good friends...

Moira: I... uh...

Moira: *softly* Patrick...

Patrick: Oh, hey guys! What's up?

Mamoru: Uh, Gigi, wasn't there something you wanted to tell Patrick?

Gigi: I... I... er...

Gigi: I'm TOTALLY not in love with Jack ANYMORE!!
Patrick: Well, that's good...

Gigi: I'm in love with YOU!!!

Mamoru: *facepalm*
Patrick: Huh?

Moira: Well, Patrick, it seems you have quite enough friends. If you'll excuse me...

Patrick: Wait! Ralph!

Patrick: Get off me!

Patrick: Ralph!

Patrick: I mean Moira! Moira! Come back!

Gigi: Are you mad?
Mamoru: Disappointed.

Mamoru: And now we get to deal with you being "in love" with Patrick...

Gigi: I'm sorry, Ru-kun! I just couldn't do it! The words wouldn't come out!!

Gigi: I'm really sorry... *sob*

Mamoru: Hey... Don't cry. It's alright. We should've known it wouldn't work on the first try. We'll have other chances.

Gigi: Yeah?
Mamoru: Yeah. Now cheer up.

Gigi: *sniffles* You know what would really cheer me up?
Mamoru: What?

Gigi: *smile* Giving you a makeover.
Mamoru: Well...

Gigi: Come ON!!

Gigi: It'll be FUN!!!

Syrina: The dungeon?

Geth: Not the ideal place, especially for what I wish to speak to you about, but we are practically guaranteed no interruptions.

Syrina: True. Now, what do you wish to speak to me about?

Geth: Syrina Kelley...

Geth: ...Will you marry me?


That's right! But Nigel didn't go to Jared's. He went to Uncle Joe's. ^_^

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