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Gigi: Oh, HI! Wasn't that royal send off just GORGEOUS! I was TOTALLY on the VERGE of...

Mamoru: Ginny, honey, you can drop the act. No one else is around.

Gigi: *relaxing* It's hard switching back and forth.

Mamoru: Then why do it? The people here are very nice. If you just acted like your normal self...

Gigi: And RUIN my chances with Jack?!

Mamoru: I don't think you ever really had a chance with him.
Gigi: *heavy sigh* Yeah. You're right.

Gigi: I just have the hardest time letting things go.
Mamoru: Yes, I know.

Gigi: And what's that supposed to mean?

Mamoru: Well, besides helping you stalk a guy more than half way across the world, I've also helped with the obsessive compulsive wardrobe changes, keeping up the tradition of getting McDonalds fries in every town we stop in,...

Mamoru: Taking care of that hypochondriac dog you decided to adopt, adding to your collection of souvenir spoons... Should I go on?

Gigi: No need. Mamo-kun, you know I have to keep up appearances for my fans...
Mamoru: Are you sure it isn't for you?

Mamoru: What are you afraid of?
Gigi: I... I...

Gigi: I can't believe you think Helga is a hypochondriac! She's a sick little puppy!
Mamoru: You're changing the subject.

Gigi: *sigh* I don't want to talk about it.
Mamoru: Why?

Gigi: It always ends in a fight. And you always win. Not that anything ends up changing...

Mamoru: I just wish everyone could see the you that I see.
Gigi: To do that, they'd all have to be in love with me like you are, and that would give you way too much competition.

Mamoru: I enjoy a challenge.
Gigi: You must since you like me.

Mamoru: Try it. Please.
Gigi: *quiet* I don't want to get hurt.

Mamoru: What do I keep telling you?
Gigi: That you won't let anyone or anything ever hurt me.

Mamoru: Do you believe me?
Gigi: I really want to.

Mamoru: Good. We can start small with someone like Patrick. He's very friendly.
Gigi: I guess.

Gigi: Yeah, alright. Let's do it.
Mamoru: Good.

Mamoru: Project "Reveal the Real Gigi" is a go!

Gigi: Uh HUH! You KNOW it!!!
Mamoru: *blink*

Gigi: Sorry. Habit.

Mamoru: *smile* Let's go.


Spreading lots of Easter joy...

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