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Patrick: Man, I'm glad that's all over! What a crazy ride!
Maggie: Yeah, I'm glad things have calmed down. And Geth's back to the sweet guy I made friends with in Scotland.

Patrick: Sweet?
Maggie: Not as sweet as you, of course.
Patrick: Good.

*happy sigh*

Maggie: Pat? Aren't you worried things might get too quiet? It'd be boring.

Patrick: Naw! Something always pops up to make things interesting...

Patrick: See!

Maggie: What's going on?
Syrina: My sister and Lord Aubrey wished for us to assemble. Some sort of announcement.

Patrick: Announcement, huh? I should start taking bets on what it's about!

Geth: I am afraid Jack has beat you to it.
Patrick: What?!

Patrick: Hey, cuz! Why you cramping my style?

Maggie: What do you two think is happening?
Syrina: I am not certain, but it has me a bit worried.
Geth: I see no need for concern. They probably wish to offer some sort of public apology.

Maggie: Apology? For what?
Geth: I could think of a few things...

Maggie: What've you got there?
Patrick: Oh, I just decided to place a little bet.

Maggie: Pat...
Patrick: Shhh, they're here!

Lord Aubrey: We would like to thank you all for coming together on such short notice. We thought it the opportune moment to make an important announcement...

Patrick: You're pregnant!!!
Maggie: PAT!!!

Patrick: What?

Clelia: That is part of it...

Syrina: My dear sister, that is wonderful news!

Clelia: *smile* Yes, we are quite pleased about it.

Clelia: And we have decided that since everything has been worked out with regards to Syrina, and because we wish to raise our child in a more suitable environment, we are going to Ainbith.
Everyone: *gasps, etc*

Syrina: You are returning home?
Clelia: Yes. I have already been away far too long. Mother and Father will be missing me.

Syrina: I will miss you.
Clelia: *smile* You no longer need me. You have grown into a fine young lady.

Clelia: And you have this fine young man to take care of you.
Geth: As much as it pains you to say it?
Clelia: Indeed.

Syrina: When do you leave?
Clelia: As soon as we bid everyone farewell.

Syrina: Oh! Goodbye, my dear sister!
Geth: Farewell!

Rachel: I hope everything goes well for you two.

Liam: Nice.
Lord Gregory: I learned from the best.

Gigi: BYE! And congrats on the BABY! And being all LOVEY-DOVEY! And...!

Mamoru: Good bye.

Abby: Cheers!
Jack: Yeah, and thanks for hanging out with us in the dungeon!

Maggie: Bye, you two. And good luck.

Maggie: Your turn.
Patrick: *sulky* But I hate goodbyes. I always either burst into tears or end up making a big speech...

Patrick: You know, the thing about goodbyes is...
Maggie: Bye!

Clelia: Thank you, everyone, for such a lovely send off. We shall try to send word when the baby is born.

Clelia: Are you ready?
Lord Aubrey: Yes.

Maggie: Well, you were right, Pat. Something interesting did happen.
Patrick: *distracted* Yeah...

Maggie: Where are you going?

Patrick: Do I still get money for being half right?


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