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Geth: Curse? What curse?
Nigel: The horrible, absolutely dismal curse. The one causing all the problems lately. Sound familiar?

Geth: *scowl* How did you learn of it?

Poohki: *innocent barks*

Geth: Poohki! After all my efforts to ensure you were not corrupted! HOW COULD YOU?!
Nigel: Corrupted?

Syrina: Geth, dearest, why are you shouting at Poohki?

Geth: He has betrayed us! He told this conniving rodent and his gothic minion of the Brennan Royal Curse!!
Syrina: Oh dear!

Syrina: Is that true, darling Poohki?
Poohki: *explanatory barks*

Syrina: He only did it because they can help us break the curse!
Geth: The curse is unbreakable.
Nigel: Hardly.

Geth: *GLARE*
Syrina: *excited* Truly?!
Naria: It is a curse brought on by blood, the blood of a Dorche. And the only way to break it is through that blood.

Geth: And why would you help us?
Naria: *shrug* Blood curses are fairly easy to lift.

Syrina: Geth, please. This may be our only chance.
Geth: *sigh* I suppose you are right.

Geth: What do you need us to do?
Naria: First, does anyone have a knife?

Patrick's voice: I do!!
Maggie's voice: Don't throw it!!!

Naria: Thank you.

Naria: Give me your hand.
Geth: *hesitates*

Naria: Do you trust me?
Geth: No.

Syrina: Geth...
Geth: *sigh*

Geth: Uh, when...

Geth: GAHH!!!

Geth: Where...?

Nigel: Has her ways, doesn't she?

Geth: Wuh!!!

Syrina: Geth!

Naria: You should be alright now.
Nigel: You're welcome.

Nigel: Nice work, my dear.

Nigel: The side effects should be coming along shortly...

Syrina: Geth...
Poohki: *concerned barks*

Geth: *weakly* The weight... of the curse... it...

Geth: It is gone!

Geth: YES!

Voice: Eh hem!

Voice: Excuse me!

Patrick: Uh, sorry to break up the love fest, but can we get out of here?


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