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Patrick: Hmm... Rope, knife, explosives, canteen...

Patrick: Snacks...

Maggie: Whatcha doing, Pat?
Patrick: Suiting up for a rescue mission.

Maggie: Rescue? Who?

Patrick: Blood is thicker than water, ya know, Mag? Gotta look after family.
Maggie: You mean Jack? What, are there more headless bodies and flesh-eating critters after him?

Patrick: Rumor has it he and Abby are being held captive in Geth's dungeon.
Maggie: *blink* Geth has a dungeon?

Patrick: *shrug* Rumor has it.

Maggie: Pat, you can't go running off like some kind of Indiana Jones wannabe based on a rumor.

Patrick: Why not? It'll be fun!
Maggie: Pat...

Patrick: *dramatic* Bye, Mag. If I don't make it back, know that...

Patrick: I love you.
Maggie: Patrick...


Patrick: *excited* See ya!

Maggie: *heavy sigh*

Maggie: Well, I better get ready to rescue the rescuer.

Patrick: *quietly humming Indiana Jones theme* Dun dun dut dah!

Patrick: Dun duh dah!

Patrick: All clear!

Patrick: Psst! Jack! Jack, you there?

Jack: Patrick? What're you doing here?
Patrick: I'm here to rescue you, of course! Now, just hang tight while I get the rope figured out.

Patrick: Hmmm, I really ought to tie it off on something...
Voice: Or I could hold it for you.

Patrick: Thanks!

Patrick: Uhhh...
Geth: Would you like to jump down or shall I push you?

Patrick: Is that a threat?

Patrick: Ahhhh!!!

Jack: Oof!!

Patrick: Nice catch, cuz!

Patrick: Nice dungeon!

Jack: So much for being rescued! Now we have to make room for a third person...

Abby: I've a feelin' we migh' need more room than that.
Jack: Huh?

Voice: Look out below!

Maggie: Hey, handsome.
Patrick: Mag! Why're you...?

Maggie: Another failed rescue attempt.
Patrick: Who says I failed?

Mamoru: Hello.

Gigi: YOUCH!

Gigi: Mamo, honey, I think I...

Gigi: JACKEEE!!!
Abby: Oh, fantastic!
Jack: Oh, crap!

Maggie: It's getting a little crowded. Hopefully no one else...

Maggie: You've got to be kidding!

Patrick: Hey! We've almost got the whole gang here!

Clelia: Is Syrina here?
Lord Aubrey: It would seem not, my dear.
Maggie: She's the only one who's not!

Patrick: That's not true! We're missing Geth, Lord Gregory, Rachel, her brother, that goth chick, Nigel...

Maggie: Was everyone trying to rescue Jack and Abby?
Gigi: JUST Jackee!
Mamoru: Same, I suppose.
Clelia: We were attempting to rescue Syrina...

Maggie: Well, let's hope if anyone else tries, they don't fail as well.
Patrick: Yeah! We're packed!

Geth: *soft chuckles*

Geth: I thought I might see you eventually. Are you going to add to the many failed attempts to rescue Abigail and Jack?
Nigel: Failed attempts, you say?

Nigel: I thought you were quite the master of that yourself.
Geth: *glare*
Nigel: No matter.

Nigel: We wish to talk about the curse.


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