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Lord Aubrey: Dearest, perhaps we ought to wait as Naria suggested...

Clelia: I wish to rescue Syrina now.

Clelia: Where is my sister?!

Geth: *smirking* Why, right here.
Syrina: Clelia!

Syrina: You're back! I'm so sorry I didn't come to meet you. Poohki's really sick.
Lord Aubrey: Where is Poohk...

Syrina: Aubrey!

Syrina: It's so good to see you! I missed you both so much!

Clelia: Are you alright, Syrina?
Syrina: Of course I am. Why wouldn't I be?

Lord Aubrey: We had heard you were being held captive along with Abigail and Jack...

Geth: And I suppose I was the one holding them captive? Sounds like something Abigail would invent in order to run off with that boy of hers and not risk anyone following.

Lord Aubrey: But why would she say you were holding Syrina captive as well?
Geth: *shrug* I have no idea.

Geth: Do you, my dear?

Syrina: No. Abigail's always causing trouble for no particular reason.

Clelia: Are you certain you are alright, Syrina?
Syrina: Yes, dearest sister.

Syrina: Never been better.

Geth: As you can see, there is nothing to worry about here. Perhaps you two ought to go back to whatever it is newly-weds do. Syrina and I have an ill dog to see to.

Syrina: It was really good to see you guys! Have a great day!

Geth: Farewell!

Lord Aubrey: Come, Clelia.

Geth: Well done, my dear.

Geth: Back to sleep with you.

Geth: Now, you be a good girl while I search for that troublesome pup of yours.

Geth: *mutters* Lord Aubrey is far too observant.

Geth: Keep an eye on our prisoners, will you?

Geth: *chuckles*


Happy Thanksgiving!

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