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Patrick: ...And this is the upper left corner of the table. Nothing really happens here...

Maggie: Pat! Have you met the new guy?
Patrick: Sure, he's right here. But I didn't realize you'd already met him...

Maggie: No, I meant Rachel's brother, the rockstar.
Patrick: Nope, I haven't met him.

Patrick: Gee, three new people in one day...
Maggie: Four, actually. Liam came with a girl named Naria.

Maggie: You don't mind that I told them they can stay, do you?
Patrick: 'Course not. The more the merrier on the table-top.

Patrick: Anyway, Mag this is Gigi, Jack's supermodel stalker, and Mamoru, her supermodel whipped boyfriend. Guys, this is my girlfriend, Maggie.

Gigi: I totally LOVE your outfit! It looks A LOT like something from the La Violette line that I was SPOKESGIRL for...

Mamoru: Which in Gigi-speak means, "It's lovely to meet you."
Maggie: It's great to meet you guys, too.

Maggie: Hey, you all ought to meet Liam. His hair is so...
*distant thunderous neighing*

Patrick: What was that?

Maggie: Aubrey? Clelia? I was wondering where you two disappeared to.
Patrick: I guess I forgot to mention them taking their new pet shelter horse for a spin..

Patrick: But where were you for so long?
Lord Aubrey: Las Vegas.
Patrick: What for?

Patrick: *chuckling* Didja get married?
Lord Aubrey & Clelia: *silence*

Patrick: You got married?! In Vegas?!?!
Clelia: It was nowhere near as romantic as it seems in movies.

Lord Aubrey: I thought it was lovely...
Clelia: Even after travelling there and back by horseback?

Lord Aubrey: Certainly. It meant spending more time with you, my dearest.
Clelia: *gives him a severe look*

Lord Aubrey & Clelia: I love you.
Maggie: Uh...
Patrick: Well...

Patrick: Congratulations!
Lord Aubrey: Thank you. It's so good to be home.
Clelia: Indeed.

Clelia: But where is Syrina? She was informed that we would return today.

Patrick: I haven't seen Syrina in forever...
Clelia: She should be here.
Patrick: She probably just forgot...
Clelia: Sorchians do not forget. Something must be terribly wrong.

Clelia: We must find her.
Lord Aubrey: Yes, my love.

Lord Aubrey: I will begin the search at once!

Naria: You won't find her.

Clelia: What have you done with her?!
Naria: Geth has her, along with his sister and Jack.

Clelia: Oh no!
Naria: All hope is not lost.

Naria: There is one who may be able to help us.


Contemplating life on a dirty windowsill...

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