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Nigel: Took you long enough.

Naria: Forgive me. I found it hard to locate something so small.

Nigel: Ah yes, I forgot. It takes a true sorceress for such a task.

Naria: A student is only as good as her teacher.

Nigel: Well, you did find me, so I can't have been that horrible.

Nigel: I missed you.

Naria: *deep sigh* And I you.
Nigel: I know this might sound like a joke coming from me, but I need your help.

Naria: I'm not sure if I can. Not if it's another one of your selfish causes.
Nigel: On the contrary, 'tis only partially selfish.

Naria: Heh, "partially." Still true to your human nature, I see.

Nigel: As for that, I may be in need of more than just the nature.
Naria: I was afraid you would ask about that.

Naria: As you can see by my being here, I am no longer bound by my oath to King Percy.

Nigel: So, you'll do it?

Naria: Yes, but only because it will help you with your "partially" selfish cause.

Nigel: And what about after?

Naria: We shall have to see.


Boots in the background! What does it mean?!

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