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Pullip dolls are Asian fashion dolls with bodies the size of Barbies and bigger heads the size of ball-joint dolls. They are made by a Korean company called Groove that releases new unique dolls each month. Pullip is the main female doll, Namu was the original male doll but has now been replaced by Taeyang, Dal is Taeyang's little sister, Byul is Dal's friend, Isul is Pullip's little brother, and there miniature versions of Pullip and Dal. For more specific information on the Pullip doll line, check out our links section.

Emmers began collecting Pullip dolls during the summer of 2006 after seeing pictures of them on a pixel dolling site. Patrick, a Sage Taeyang, was her first doll, closely followed by Maggie, a Craziia Pullip. After much resistance, Eller also began collecting about a year later starting with Rachel, a Latte Pullip. Portle felt left out, so she started collecting Little Pullips. One of the many hobbies involved with Pullips is pic-ficcing where you pose the dolls to create a story frame by frame similar to a comic book. Emmers has always loved making up stories, but the only place she had room to pose the dolls was the kitchen table. Thus, Tales from the Table-Top was born.

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